#TRUTHTUESDAYS EP 13 When should I have sex with a man?

when should i have sex with a man by love coach emyrald sinclaire

Is there a certain number of ‘dates’ to wait for until you should have sex with a man?  Do you wait until ‘I love you’? Is it better to get it over with and make sure you are sexually compatible before moving forward?  Can you wait ‘too long’ and ruin the relationship and your chances? What…

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Looking for a super high quality man? You gotta be THIS first….

21 ways of a high quality woman by love coach emyrald sinclaire

Have you noticed lately that you’re dating duds? That men only want ‘one thing’? And that no matter where you look, there are just ‘no good men out there!’? If you answered ‘YES!” to all three questions, you are NOT alone, sister. While it might seem like there’s an epidemic and shortage of high quality…

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35 of the Best Ice Breaking Questions for the 1st Date

Are you one of the 124.6 million U.S. adults who are single?  And if so, have you ever been on a first date? Have you ever been stuck in the awkward silence where neither of you can figure out how to fill the gap of words… Except for something really lame like: So, what do…

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#TRUTHTUESDAYS EP 12 – Ask a man this…to win him over!

Hey Ladies… Are you struggling in the dating world? Are you struggling in your relationship? Do you want to learn the ONE THING you should ask your man every single day (or while dating) to keep his love and respect for you? OF COURSE YOU DO! Watch and learn! Ladies… I’d love to know your…

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#TRUTHTUESDAYS EP. 11 How to attract a man with the “3 S’s” so he stops his search with other women

How do you get a man to STOP shopping the market and commit to you?  You use the THREE S’s of course!  One – Sex Don’t you dare be scared to be sexy. Show off the best sides of you. The sides that make you feel sexy and like you are the prize. But DON’T…

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#TRUTHTUESDAYS Ep. 8 – How to attract in Prince Charming in 2 Minutes

How to Attract Prince Charming to YOU  IN ONLY 2 MINUTES A DAY! In this video, I share the ONE TOOL that I use every single day. STILL. I used it every day for 4 weeks to attract in THE ONE. And now I use it to attract to me wealth, abundance, happiness, my job,…

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#TRUTHTUESDAYS Ep. 7 – Top 3 Tips to get the guy to ask YOU out (plus one bonus tip)

How would you like the exact guy who has caught your eye to come up to you and start the conversation? And then to ask you out?  In this weekends episode of Truth Tuesdays, I give you the exact tools to do just that! For a guy who has feelings (which, um, hello, is pretty much…

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#TRUTHTUESDAYS Ep. 4 – How to get a guy to COMMIT

How to Get a Guy To Commit! Want to learn more!? Join us for a totally FREE 3 part webinar series – Irresistibility 101! 3 Days to become so irresistible to men, you’ll want to date yourself! Become the man magnet you were meant to be, sister! Click the picture above (or here) to register

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9 Steps – How to Manifest Love Using the Law of Attraction

how-to-manifest using the law of attraction

9 Steps – How to Manifest Love Using the Law of Attraction Once upon a time I decided I had HAD ENOUGH of having my heart broken. So I actually sat down and mapped out step by step how the hell I was going to manifest the love of my life, the man of my…

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#TRUTHTUESDAYS Ep. 2 – Releasing Pain, Shame and Guilt

Ready to release guilt, pain and shame? Here’s the dealio. We’ve all done stuff we ain’t proud of. Myself included. (yep, that beauty up there) But here’s the good news! You can let that shit go. With ease. And no longer allow it to plague you with guilt, shame and anxiety! So – I suggest…

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