Why Law of Attraction is NOT helping you manifest your Love (Truth Tuesdays)

What do you do when Law of Attraction isn’t working to manifest your love and you’re starting to get a bit impatient and worried that he’ll never show up? 


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13 Men (and 1 bi woman) Tell All: What’s REALLY beautiful about a woman

What do men REALLY want in a woman? 

What makes a woman’s beauty noticeable to a man? 

I bet it’s not what you think…


Let’s be real here, there are some crazy scary statistics out there focused around body images.  Crazy shit like: 


  • Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to achieve their ‘ideal body shape.’ Why? Because only 5% of women naturally possess the body type often portrayed by models, superstars and actresses in the media. 5%!!! And I would wager that some of those 5% live in underdeveloped countries and actually suffer from malnutrition! 
  • 53% of 13 year-old American girls are unhappy with their bodies! (Um, WTF?) This number grows to 78% by the time girls reach 17. But here’s the real shocker: 95% of people with eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25.
  • 80% of 10-year-old girls have dieted. 90% of high school junior and senior women diet regularly. And finally, young girls are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of nuclear war, cancer, or losing their parents!


Woah? Did anybody else just stand up and exclaim, “What the fuck media portrayal of beauty,” or is that just me? 


Regardless, as a self love activist, I have made it my personal mission to help women see their REAL beauty no matter their shape or size. 


And I’ve polled 13 men and 1 bi-woman to bring you the following results of what is REAL BEAUTY in a woman. 

(Also, if you haven’t read it…find out what women first notice in a man by clicking here…)


David: Her ability to effortlessly intuit and fulfill all of my needs.

James: Her heart. PERIOD. 

Hans: Outside and Inner Beauty  

Derek:Their taming qualities us filthy animals require to be better individuals, lol

Karlos: Passion for living and sense of adventure for me

Shane: Sanity. Aactually, just enough sanity.
Jay: Her desire and ability to take complete responsibility for her emotions and actions…(this also tends to contribute to the beautiful smile upon her face)
Tyler: Face.
Jeff: Commitment. I say this because i feel if you are truly commited to something, husband, wife, life partner, career, or positive energy you are the girl for me
Tex: Her intelligence. But, sadly, that won’t overcome an unfortunate body or face. We guys aren’t wired that way
Matthew: Intuitive wisdom 
Shivaya: the curves around the belly
Sophia: I’m going to answer this bc I’m bi. Women who aren’t afraid of being themselves. Also, women who have a sense of humor and communication skills. 
Phillip: Confidence 


As you can see, there are so many attributes that men (and women) find beautiful about you ladies. And it doesn’t have to do with your physical looks. Instead, it’s the energy you are putting off. It’s your passion. It’s your wisdom. It’s your confidence.


So the next time you aren’t feeling good enough or sexy enough, read the words above and remember that it’s so much more that makes a real woman beautiful! 


And finally, if you haven’t watched this video before, it’s time: 



“No wonder our perception of Beauty is distorted.” 




Men: Here’s what women REALLY notice about you…

Men: Let’s be real. I bet at one time or another you wished you looked like this because then ALL the pretty ladies would be into you, right? 

Turns out, when polled, most ladies don't actually notice the 'looks of a man' when he walks up to her. 


Instead, these are the things that women notice first thing when a man walks up to her (to ask her for her number because she's just so darn cute.) 

(And find out what men think makes a woman REALLY BEAUTIFUL by clicking here to read!) 


Danelle: His facial expression and his height 

Anna: Height, does he have kind eyes and is he smiling?

Michele: His eyes and then his voice.

Nicole: height, eyes, smile (or lack of)

Kimberly: If he has a weapon or not.

Maggie: Probably how tall he is

Betty: His energy

Clair: The way he walks. And his energy

KariEyes and smile.

Kelly: His face 

Bethany: His walk and how he carries himself (is he looking at the ground, phone, people around him) then I notice height of course and chest/shoulders ?

Stacey: Eyes

Donna: Scent, expression on face

Debra: Way he walks..and yes, Looks!!

Joia: His posture

Molly: His eyes and his smile 

Megan: Where his eyes are looking and the curvature/expression on his lips. 

Sara: Eyes, smile

Rena: How close he gets. 

Dorothy: What he's wearing, height, the way his face is put together. 

Megan: How he carries himself

Jenny: If he's aware of himself. If he's paying attention to his surroundings.

Ashley: posture 

Melissa: All depends. Posture, dress or "style" he has, smile, movements, eye contact. Over all "vibe" he carries, it isn't about the brand of clothes for example.. instead it is the whole energy, presence then once he has arrived- it is the quality of the conversation, how his mind works, his humor etc 

Wahkeena: vibes

Kathleen: His eyes and energy vibration

Peggy:His eyes 

Beth: Confidence, eye contact, sense of warmth or not, presence or not 

Lacey: His confidence (or lack there of) then probably height/smile

Alyssa: How he carries himself. Its in the walk and his eyes that get me. If he gives me that look and I’m into him...damn watch out. 

Beth: his heart 


Gentlemen, as you can see, the grand majority of women do not even notice your physique when you're walking up to her. Instead, it's your eye contact, it's the smile on your face, and it's the overall energy and presence that you present that a woman is going to notice. 


Here's my suggestion for walking up to a woman and catching her attention and (hopefully) landing her number: 

  1. Make eye contact 
  2. Smile 
  3. Stand tall and act confident 
  4. Be open and honest. Women can notice a man's vibes from a mile away so be genuine with her. If you noticed her amazing gorgeous hair, tell her that. If you can't help but notice that she has a beautiful smile, let her know. We women are crafty creatures and we will notice if you are not really present, if you are marking shit up and using 'a line' or low in the self confidence department. 


And at the end of the day, if she's not interested, at least you got the courage to talk to a pretty woman that caught your eye and you most likely made her day by being genuine and offering a real compliment! 


Ladies: anything else to add? Please comment below! 


7 Reasons to LOVE being Single during the Holidays (or any time of year for that matter)

Newsflash: being single during the holidays can massively suck.

(And in other news, the sky is blue, the snow is white, and eggnog is disgusting)

But guess what, lady?!

Being SINGLE during the holidays can actually be the ‘most wonderful time of the year.’

So before you drown your sorrows in a cup of whiskey and hot cocoa…

Why not FIRST focus on these 7 AMAZING reasons why being single during the holidays is actually an awesome thing! (plus, I give you one extra bonus reason….so stick around until the end!)

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7 Reasons to LOVE being single for the Holidays!

1. Quality Time with Friends and Family

This is a wonderful time to deepen the connection with those that are already in your life! Instead of focusing on why you’re oh-so-alone, why don’t  you put more energy into relationships with those that you already love!? Or the family members that you only see once a year!?

You’re already surrounded by loved ones. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and have a great time with those amazing people that already love and adore you, baby!


2. Pamper Yo’self

And that’s an order!

Guess what?

You have no significant other to spend money on in the form of gifts, booze, dinners, etc. 

So save that money and spend it on you!

Have you had your eye on something special for you for a while? Well NOW is the perfect time to get yourself those pair of shoes, or new phone or put the money aside for a trip. You get the idea!

On a side note – If you are stressing that you’re alone, NOW is the time to learn these 3 ways to become Irresistible. 


3. Work it out, baby

Instead of moping around feeling sorry for yourself, use your free time to work out! Get in shape. Get in better shape! Head to the gym with your single girlfriends instead of having another martini after work.

This is the perfect time to actually utilize your free time towards something productive….like taking care of that beautiful body of yours!


4. Socialize and Be Merry

When you’re single….you get to meet MORE people! So get out there and socialize because you’re not going to be single forever. Enjoy the fact that you can unabashedly meet and flirt with everyone at the party (until you find out they are taken, of course).

And on another side note, you actually don’t have to worry about fights with your significant other. And for some reason, they seem to come up a lot during the holidays! Fights about money, fights about family, fights about who has to shovel this time, etc…


5. Tell peeps you’re single

For some reason, during the holidays us coupled people like to set up our single friends! So this is great time to announce to the world that you’re single. And that you’re totally open to being set up on blind dates. And that you’d totally love to tag along with couples to their functions. You’d be amazing at how FULL your social calendar can become!

Fun Story…

One Single Year – one of my married friends invited me to their Jewish family holiday Hanukkah party! It was so much fun and totally amazing! I learned so much. I ate new food. I got hit on by 80 year old uncles. AND I didn’t necessarily have to worry about being polite to the snobby aunt that no-one could stand to be around, because they weren’t my family!

Ha! You just never know what will happen when you’re open to tagging along to everyone else’s events!


6. Start your Resolutions Early

Want to read 50 books next year? Start making the list and buying the books.

Resolve to get yourself to the gym 5 days a week? Start going now!

Want to take the trip of a lifetime? Start saving now and looking up flights!

You get the idea. Use this extra time to start working on you and what makes you happy and feel fulfilled in life. Instead of focusing on the lack and what you don’t have.

Which is pretty much the fastest way to feel bad about yourself and get stuck in your misery.


7. Holiday Guilty Pleasures

I once ate an entire pumpkin pie in one sitting in high school.

And I’ve done it again since.


Because I LOVE pumpkin pie.

And I had no one to share it with.

Now I’m not saying you should sit around and stuff your face with bonbons.

But the point I’m trying to make is that if you want to sit around in comfy pajamas all weekend and watch the Hallmark channel holiday movie marathon for 36 hours straight…

Well you can do just that, now can’t you?

And if you’re obsessed with holiday music, well you can sing ‘Single Bells, Single Bells’ at the top of your lungs while drinking a bottle (or two) of wine on Christmas Eve, now can’t you???


8. In Laws.

Seriously. Need I elaborate more on that bonus reason?

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Your Friends Know Why You’re Single (Truth Tuesdays Ep 42)

Here’s a truth bomb for ya: Your friends know why you’re single! 

Let’s be real, they’ve known you forever.   They know all of your stories and your issues and your struggles. They’ve seen you interact with the opposite sex. They’ve heard all of your relationship stories.

And when it comes to your love life, let’s be real, they are definitely MORE OBJECTIVE than you are!    So, if you want to know WHY you’re single and what to change about yourself, ask a friend. 

  If you don’t mind that you’re single and are perfectly happy going to a restaurant and asking for a ‘table for one!’ then stop reading this blog.

But if you’re looking for the real reason you’re single such as:

  • “you’re a bit clingy”
  • “you totally obsess over men and smother them”
  • “You’re absolutely needy, demanding and kinda a bitch to guys.”

Then it’s important that you ask a friend who is going to be honest with you. But perhaps cushion the blow a little bit?


If you’ve been single forever, or your dating game seems to be a bit off, or you always attract a ‘certain type’ or the guys you like never like you back, then perhaps it is time for a serving of cold, hard truth!   A word of caution – the truth can hurt.   So make sure you’re ready to hear it.  

And then swallow your pride, get over yourself, and fix what is getting in your way to having an amazing partnership!


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How to get an ’emotionally unavailable’ man to commit (#truthtuesdays Ep 41)

I recently had a woman ask me: 


How do you deeply connect with a man who is emotionally unavailable, depressed, over-anxious and over-thinking who shuns connection?
Woah! Great question.
Watch below if you’re wondering how exactly you do that…
 If you’re curious to know more about Conflict to Conscious Communication that I talked about in the video, click here. 





5 Manifestation Secrets – shh! (#truthtuesdays ep 39)

Would you like to know my secrets of Manifestation?  


Having it all doesn’t have to be for the select few.  You can have: 

  • The Love of your Life
  • The Job of your Dreams
  • The Lifestyle and Money you Desire 


Find out how by using my Five Manifestation Secrets I share with you below! 

(Plus I give you one bonus secret as well!) 

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Can you have it all? Both the Career of your Dreams & the Love of Your Life? (#truthtuesdays Ep 37)

Can you realistically have BOTH the business of your dreams AND the love of your life? 

It’s a question that many of my clients have asked me. In fact, I’ve even have some women tell me that they’d rather build their empire first and THEN focus on finding the love of their life!  What?  My man was the only reason I was able to build my cafe years back. Without his support, I would have fizzled out after all those long days, nights and weekends.  So this week, I had a conversation with my colleague and friend, Gaelle Lecourt. She’s a freedom and business coach and she helps women to create financial freedom by showing them the steps and processes to build their dream career allowing them a life of freedom.  

Yes, you can have it all. 

  You can have both love and a successful career that you run on your own terms.  Make sure to watch and stay for the whole thing because we cover: 
  • Many women entrepreneurs are saying they have no time to find Mr Right because they are too busy building their business. Why is it important to find more time in their life as a female entrepreneur, especially at the beginning when you start your business?
  • How to find more time in your life for your business, especially if you’re a start-up and especially if you’re also searching for love!
  • Why it is important to create systems in business and in life if you truly want to have it all!  
  • Have no idea where to start in regards to a business of your own? Here’s how you can create your own mini-system! 
  • Where can you find Gaelle?
  • Check out her website, stalk her on Instagram (she has some GREAT content there), or ask to join her Facebook group (you’ll find me there as well!)
  • Interested in starting a business of your own? Click here for Gaelle’s generous gift which is “How to leave your 9-5 and start your online coaching business with confidence.”  
  • Yes, you CAN have it all!

Yes, you CAN have it all! - Emyrald Sinclaire, Love Coach

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The 5 Obvious Perks of Dating Older Men (and why they drive me insane sometimes, too)

My man is 13 years older than me. 


But here’s the real deal: I’ve always dated older men. 

In high school, I was a freshman and he was a junior. I was a sophomore and he was a freshman in college. 

In college, he was 28!

After I graduated college, he was in his late 30s. 

In my later 20s, they would be in their early 40s. 

And now at the ripe old age of 31, he is 44. 

For a while, I tried to date men my age. But it never lasted very long and it can be summed up in one word: 

M A T U R I T Y 

And boys my age simply didn’t have it. (Looking to rope your own Cowboy? Check out my programs page to Manifest Love.)

Yes, there are pros and cons to dating men my age or not my age and I’d like to run them by you so you can decide for yourself if dipping into the silver foxes dating pool is something that you’d like to experience. 🙂 


5 Reasons Why Dating Older Men is a Great Thing to Do 

1. They have money. And I don’t mean this in a superficial way. But I simply mean that they don’t stress out over having to buy things. Like food or toilet paper. This usually means they are financially responsible and own their own house and a car that doesn’t breakdown every other time they pick you up for a date. 

2. They are gentlemenly. Ok, not all of them. But at least the ones I have dated understand the old-fashioned way of treating a lady like a lady. He opens my door. He offers me his jacket when I’m cold. He gets me a glass of water when I’m thirsty instead of saying ‘go get it yourself.’ You get the idea. It’s nice to be treated like a queen. (Speaking of which. I suggest you check my free how-to guide called Land Prince Charming. It worked for me. It can work for you, too!) 

3. Older men are better lovers. Truly. They last longer and know how to appreciate the female body. They are ‘givers’ more than they are ‘receivers’ and they are ‘experienced’ in the land of the female curves, hills and valleys. 

4. They have purpose and drive. Older men usually are past the ‘play’ phase in life where they are stumbling in and out of bars with zero direction in life. Instead, they have grown up and have figured out what they want to do with their lives and are usually going out there and ‘getting it’ which is extremely sexy. 

5. They are mature. Wait, did I say that already? It bears repeating. Older men are actually grown up. And they know what they want out of life. They understand how to treat women (especially their lovers and mothers). They don’t play games (usually). Oh and get this, it takes men a whole lot longer to mature than us women, wouldn’t you agree? 


5 Reasons Why Dating Older Men Can Be Really F***ing Challenging 

1. Sometimes they can get all ‘I’m older than you so I have more life experience and I’ve been through this already‘ type of shit and it drives you insane! I get it. You’re older. But it does not equate with wiser. And guess what? Sometimes we need to go through our own shit in order to ‘figure it out.’ 

2. Many older men have been married or have kids and aren’t interested in doing that again. Make sure you get clear on what YOU want and ask him what HE wants before diving in. 

3. A lot of them would rather stay at home and work on the house or play with their cars (like my guy) instead of going out to meet friends, have drinks and explore. #getsOld

4. You get annoyed with  all his friends saying things like “What? You’re only _____? I could be your mother!” or “Robbing the cradle, huh man? Good for you!” Or even worse, when he mother says “She’s too young for you. She’s got too much energy. She’ll end up leaving you.” #hurtful #SheReallySaidThat

5. His daughter/son is only a couple years younger than you and/or his parents are your grandparents age! That’s hard on the ego. But if you can look past it, it’s not really a big deal. Humans are humans and I promise you, there are weirder situations out there. For example, my last boyfriend was a year older than my step-mother! It’s not that he was THAT much older. It was that he was older and my stepmom is a decade younger than my father. Weird. But, whatever. 

A long time ago, I decided that men took about 10 additional years to mature to ‘adult age’ than us women did. So as long as I was dating a decade older, I’d be dating my equal. 

Call me egotistical but it’s true. And sadly, sometimes the men in their 40s that I dated still didn’t have their shit together. 

Turns out, age isn’t everything. 


What do YOU think? Have any thoughts/feelings/experience on the subject? Comment below and make sure to share the love on Facebook!