(Explicit) #truthtuesdays ep 35 interview with Gillian Sky Walker – Love & Relationship Coach

You know the one thing I LOVE most about having my own business?  It’s that I get to run the show and do whatever the hell (or heavens, for that matter) I want to do! Meaning, I get to swear when I want to. And in this week’s edition of #TruthTuesdays, Gillian Sky Walker and…

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6 Q’s to Ask on a 1st Date to Find a High-Quality Partner

Finding a high-quality partner can be hard. Where do they all hide?    If you’ve been focusing on the superficial things such as the money in his bank account, his height or his looks, girl, you are focusing upon the wrong thing!    There are SIX essential questions one must ask on a first date…

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Ask Your Partner *this* if you want to stop fighting about the little things

Jerry and Pamela were in a horrible spot in their relationship.  Jerry had anger issues.  And he would BLOW UP over the smallest things.  Why?  He wouldn’t talk about the little things that bothered him until enough had piled up to bother him and then – bam! The smallest thing would set him off.  It…

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Sneak Peak from my New Book! An exercise to INCREASE your self love

I’m super duper excited to share with you an excerpt from my book!  I’m snuggled away in Costa Rica enjoying the mountains and the clouds and the ocean and the sand…all the while drawing inspiration from all the beauty around me to write a book on how to manifest (and keep) soulmate level love!  If…

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How to GET OVER your trust issues so you can have Happily Ever After (Truth Tuesdays)

Truth Tuesdays with Love Coach Emyrald Sinclaire

I’ve never been cheated upon.    Thank god.   But my partner, unfortunately, has experienced the gut-wrenching pain of a significant other NOT being faithful.  According to “Infidelity Statistics” “It is estimated that roughly 30% to 60% of all married individuals (in the United States) will engage in infidelity at some point during their marriage……

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What the Original “Badass” could teach YOU about Love

Original Baddass- Love Coach Emyrald Sinclaire

Ahh! Amazing story of how I, Emyrald Sinclaire, manifested meeting one of my BIGGEST mentors!  We all have our heroes – and Jen Sincero is one of MY personal heroes. She is self help guru combined with your sarcastic best friend rocking out to Led Zeppelin.  And I manifested meeting her!  How did I do it? It’s the…

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How to spot a cheating man and how to forgive a cheater (#truthtuesdays Ep 32)

How to Spot and Forgive a Cheater- Truth Tuesdays with Love Coach Emyrald Sinclaire

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CHEATED ON?    HAVE YOU EVER CHEATED ON SOMEONE?    Let’s be real – it sucks.    Cheating hurts no matter who did it or who it was done to.    It’s a violation of trust.    And it definitely shows that the person is unavailable for love.    So how do…

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The “One Date” Rule

My client Jenny told me about the “One Date” Rule that she has.  Essentially if she’s not feeling it, he doesn’t get a second date.   But I’m a big fan of the “Two Date” Rule!  Give anyone the benefit of the doubt: maybe he was nervous, maybe he was preoccupied with work, maybe he…

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THIS is what my man did to attract me in you’re probably not going to guess it! (truth tuesdays ep 30)

If you’re a woman looking for a spiritual man, I have great news for you!  Your man is also doing the work to ATTRACT YOU IN! This weekend my man and I were talking about the start of our relationship and he shared with me EXACTLY what he did weeks before he met me.  I…

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The Basic 3 Step Flirting Technique that ANYONE can master!

“I’m horrible at flirting!” said my client Nicki.  Would you like to learn a simple 3 step process for flirting that will have the opposite sex approaching YOU and asking for your number?    One – Establish Your Target and Make Quick Eye Contact Three Times  Or in other words: Who you think is super fine…

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