#TRUTHTUESDAYS Ep. 4 – How to get a guy to COMMIT

How to Get a Guy To Commit!


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9 Steps – How to Manifest Love Using the Law of Attraction

9 Steps –

How to Manifest Love Using the Law of Attraction

How to manifest love using the law of attraction

Once upon a time I decided I had HAD ENOUGH of having my heart broken.

So I actually sat down and mapped out step by step how the hell I was going to manifest the love of my life, the man of my dreams.

And you know what happened as a result?

It worked!

In this post, I’m going to share with you the actual steps I took and also why the LAW OF ATTRACTION sometimes doesn’t work. 

Like at all.

Instead, I’m going to show you how it CAN work in your favor!

The information that I’m sharing with you today is only one part of my#ManifestHim private coaching program and also is included in my 8 week Attract the One via Radical Self Love online coaching program. 

If you follow the steps I’m sharing with you today you will:

  1. Become a powerful love magnet
  2. Boost your self love
  3. Attract in your beloved/soulmate/true love in a very short time period

Sound good?

how-to-manifest using the law of attraction

Rumi, one of my favorite poets, once said:

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


And that is what you’ve got to do, my dear.

Don’t LOOK for love as OUTSIDE of you. Instead, remove all the blocks and barriers you’ve created INSIDE of you to love.

Once you become love, you will attract love to you.

Sounds woo-woo but it really is as simple as that.

Manifesting your Soulmate using the Law of Attraction

Let’s do this!!!!!

Step 1: Make a Commitment

Before you can actually change your life for the better and attract in the love of your life, you actually need to commit to it happening. 

You need to be hell-bent on the outcome happening for you! 

You need to push aside any worries or fears that it’s not going to work out.

You need to get rid of any sorry-ass excuses that “I’m too ugly/fat/boring/tired/busy to manifest love”.

Instead, COMMIT to yourself that love is available to you right in this moment and you will stop at nothing to get it.


You can’t always get what you want. That’s for sure. (cue Rolling Stones song….)

And sometimes we don’t even get what we need.

But what I’ve figured out in my life is that I usually (if not 100% of the time) get what I COMMIT to and put my mind to and work my ass off towards getting….

What’s that? I can’t run my own wildly successful love coaching business online, mister neigh sayer ? 

Just you fucking watch me!

And then I commit to making it happen and then BAM! Less than 3 months later, I have a schedule full of clients and am building various online programs that already have a waiting list. 


That’s the difference between WANTING something in life and actually GETTING something in life. 

So, when you actually DECIDE that you’re ready for your soulmate in your life (and this is no small feat because you will have to face your SHIT and own up to it on a daily basis), you have to COMMIT to it.

Just like getting married, baby.

Anything less than a 120% commitment, well, that’s the relationship you’re going to get. Half-assed.

Step 2: Believe it can happen and is possible for you

Okay, this one is a bit more challenging for some people, because we are a tangled mess of fears and insecurities and ‘yeah, but…’ that even though you say the affirmations and journal and dream and whatever else woo-woo shit that I suggest you do….

If you don’t actually BELIEVE it can happen for you deep down inside, it WON’T happen for you. 

(I elaborate MORE on this concept in my recent blog post – so I’m not going to go into it here. Read the post. Then come back, mmmkay?)

So, spend a couple minutes figuring out what your current belief systems are in regards to love and a good way to do it is as follows:

  1. Write down the following phrase on a sheet of paper: I deserve to have an amazing partner and the love of my life today!
  2. Then listen….
  3. Did your mind reply with “Hells yeah I do!” or did your mind reply with something along the lines of “yeah, but, that hasn’t happened. And actually last time I thought I was with the one it ended in heartbreak. Fuck, man. I’m gonna end up as a cat lady, I just know it.”
  4. Now that you know what your limiting beliefs are, flip that shit around and write a positive affirmation instead!
  5. Get pumped and read that affirmation to yourself on a daily basis!
  6. Dance a bit first and get moving so you’ve got endorphins moving through your body (EMOTION CREATES VIBRATION) and then tell yourself how much you deserve to have an amazing partner and love of your life today and that he is on his way this current instant.
  7. Love yourself. Because, duh. That comes first. Only then will someone else love you.

Step 3: Put the ‘word’ or ‘intention’ out there

I’m not saying you have to publicly post on Facebook that you are looking for your soulmate and currently taking applications. (although you certainly can if you want to. I saw someone do it once and I thought “Hells yes! Good for him. Putting himself out there and letting the world know he is ready!”)

calling in my twin flame

But what it does mean is this:

  1. Write an intention – You can say it out loud or write it down. Something along the lines of “I am open to receiving the love of my life, my soulmate, my twin flame. I now welcome love in.” 
  2. Open your heart and be ready to receive love. Visualize what life would be like with this person. Feel the love in your heart as though it was already here in this present moment.
  3. Open your mind and be open to the possibilities of love coming your way. The mind is very literal. So grab and pen and paper and start writing your affirmations on a daily basis. “My perfect partner is out there and on his way to me now!” 

Step 4: Get clear in your vision

I love this part! This is where you get to sit down and journal EXACTLY what you want Mister/Missus Right to look like, smell like, feel like, etc.

Our subconscious mind operates in pictures and feelings.

So – get clear on what your perfect life with this perfect person is going to LOOK like. And I highly suggest you get super duper clear in what you want. And please DON’T write what you don’t want. Only focus on what you DO want. Nothing is too trivial. Put it all in there!

And then sit your pretty self down for at least 10 minutes a day and DREAM. See this vision clearly in your mind’s eye and FEEL it like it was happening today.

That’s an order, young lady!

Step 5: Let GO of old pain and heartbreak

I know, easier said than done. But this step has to happen.

Work on forgiving yourself.

Forgive past lovers and old partners.

You NEED to create space for this NEW love to enter your life.

  1. Heal your heart. How? Well, there are a variety of ways and I could write a book on HOW to do it. But for sake of time, I’ll tell you this, instead. Do sweet things every day for YOU to show yourself that you love yourself. Write down all the ways that someone (including yourself) have hurt you in the past and then….BURN IT! As you tell yourself that you forgive them all (and you) and you are willing and open to receive love into your heart, now.
  2. De-clutter your mind. What are the stories that are going on in your brain such as “I’ll be happier once I have my soulmate.” I’ll finally start a family and feel worthy once I have my soulmate” “All guys suck and will only hurt me in the end.” Whatever they are, we all have stories. You gotta replace those old thoughts and belief systems with new ones! So whatever your previous story was, it’s going to be something else instead like “I’m happy right now and my soulmate is on his way!” “I feel so worthy inside!” or “There is the perfect guy out there for me that will treasure me and cherish me!” Got it?
  3. Release the Past. It no longer serves you. I repeat: Let that shit go! Anything that happened in your past made you who you are today but it does NOT decide your future. So, if you’re holding on to your old sorry story of why you were hurt in the past, then you are living in the past. And how the hell is your soulmate going to step in and fill that space? There is NO space. You are living in the past. Stop it! Here’s an analogy to help: if you’ve got a passenger in your car (aka your thoughts of a past lover) how is your new lover (aka your soulmate) going to get in? 
  4. Make room for love. Are you working two jobs and come home exhausted each night? Is your house cluttered and not even welcoming for guests? Do you have ‘friends with benefits’ that take up any free nights you actually have and are also emotionally draining? If you met your soulmate today, would you have emotional/physical/spiritual room for them!? Think about various ways in your life that you may be blocking your ability to have a partner in your life and go about making room for love!

Step 6: Tell a NEW story, already

Another great analogy (because I love them)….

Imagine you were walking through a prairie of waist high grass.

You walk through it once.

Most likely, no one will be able to tell you were there….

But, if you walk it over and over and over again…

A path is formed!

So, train yer brain!

What NEW PATHWAYS are you going to create? 

We have spent years and years and years creating certain paths and belief systems and a lot of the time….they aren’t even our belief systems! They were handed down to us by society or by our parents or friends!

You tell the story of how you were hurt in the past, or why daddy didn’t love you, or how you were left at the alter on your wedding day…..YAWN!

Stop it already! 

The more you tell the same old sorry stories, the more you tell the universe that is what you expect to continue to happen with your life. 

Instead, start telling a new story of how you always meeting amazing and loving people. Of how you are excited to go to new events because of the people you are going to meet. Of how much you fricken love yourself and love your life and are looking forward to so many new amazing experiences in your future!

You get me, here?

Step 7: Get a support system to cheer you on!

It takes a village, baby.

When I was seriously ready to let go of my old limiting belief systems, you know what I did?

I hired a love coach!

Yeah, duh.

No body can (or should) go at ‘it’ alone.

Think about professional athletes – they have coaches! They don’t decide one day to stop training because they are good at what they do. Nope, they seek help and get better!

And you know what else? 

Some days you feel like crap. Your emotions get the better of you (especially if you’re a woman!) and you feel like there is no hope in sight. So you cuddle up with a gallon of Ben and Jerry’s.

But if you have a support system on hand – those moments won’t last long and they will be few and far between! 

So – take a good hard look at your friends – are they building you up or tearing you down? Are you cheering you on or agreeing with you when you say there are no good men out there?

And guess what – when you’re soulmate comes along….shit comes up!

My relationship with my man can be challenging. He’s a beautiful mirror of issues in myself that I have not healed.

And if I didn’t have friends/mentors/coaches that I could turn to when the shit hits the fan….well most likely we still wouldn’t be together. It’s constant work, my friends. And it never ends.

Step 8: Get ready (emotionally, spiritually, physically, whatever) for your soulmate!

You’ve set the intention. You’ve done the work. Now what?

Keep doing the work!

Keep taking the steps to improve yourself.

Clear out emotional baggage.

Get your mind on track and stop thinking silly old limiting beliefs.

Take care of your beautiful body – hikes, yoga, gym time, whatever you enjoy.

Love yourself fiercely, like you’re all you’ve got. 

Because guess what? 

You ARE all you’ve got. 

Step 9: Let go (again!)

You’ve done all you can. Now is the time to let go and trust in the universe. Trust that all is happening in divine timing and will manifest exactly when and how it’s supposed to!

One More thing….

If you want to jump start the process of attracting in your one true love, then let’s get on the phone and talk! Apply for a Breakthrough to Love Coaching Call and let’s see if working together is a logical next step for you!