What the Original “Badass” could teach YOU about Love

Ahh! Amazing story of how I, Emyrald Sinclaire, manifested meeting one of my BIGGEST mentors! 

We all have our heroes – and Jen Sincero is one of MY personal heroes. She is self help guru combined with your sarcastic best friend rocking out to Led Zeppelin. 

And I manifested meeting her! 

 Love Coach Emyrald Sinclaire

How did I do it?

It’s the same damn amazing powerful process that I teach you every single week! 

One: Desire it
Two: Have unwavering faith that ‘it’ is going to happen
Three: Take inspired action towards your goal on a daily basis


I’d been looking forward to Jen’s book signing for a couple of months now, since her book tour was released. My desire became strong to meet her and share with her what an influence she has been on my life and my coaching career. And there was NO DOUBT in my mind that I was going to meet her at the book signing. 

 Love Coach Emyrald Sinclaire

However….an amazing miracle happened that I could NOT have planned (which is what I’m always telling you when you’re manifesting the love of your life. Don’t worry about the HOW! Just focus upon what you want and the FEELINGS of getting it). 


Yesterday, I woke up and my personal mantra was:
“I’m going to meet Jen Sincero today! I’m going to meet Jen Sincero today! I’m going to meet Jen Sincero today!”


I was pumped.

I was more excited than a kid in a candy store who’s grandma had just told him he can have whatever he wants! 

Now, here is the lesson that deserves to be hit home. 


I cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT it is that you go about your daily life and do your damnest to feel happy every single day! 


So yesterday I’m going about my day as planned: clients, an interview, lunch with my man, personal care session with an amazing healer, another client, dinner with a girlfriend and THEN the book signing…aka meeting my hero, Jen. 

And guess what happens somewhere in the MIDDLE of me going about my day and following my heart?! 


I meet Jen. She’s getting a session at the exact same place I’m getting a session at. 




Which is what I tell you every day about meeting the love of your life. Don’t worry about the HOW. That’s the role of the Universe. You just go about being so fricken happy and overjoyed with your life that you can barely contain from peeing yourself. 

And when I met Jen, oh man, I almost pee’d myself. 

Although, I think I did a great job at composing myself and settled instead for a hug, a couple of compliments, and a request for a photo. 


Wanna hear some wisdom from the original Badass herself, Jen Sincero? 

 Love Coach Emyrald Sinclaire


Here’s what she had to share yesterday and I write it down here today to share with you all because it’s so damn important and it’s also really fricken simple AND not only that, her advice is going to help you manifest the love you desire. 


  • Never give up. Persistence is the key to manifesting your heart’s desires. 
  • Follow your fears (More on that later)
  • To change your life… you have to be willing to be uncomfortable over and over again (meaning, it might not be easy to go out on ‘dates’ by yourself….but it’s practically impossible to meet someone when you’re out with 6 of your drunk girlfriends)
  • To be rich, you have to want it more than anything else in your life (meaning if you want the LOVE of your life…. you have to WANT IT more than you want anything else in your life…more than your comfort zone, more than you desire to be comfy in your jammies watching a movie on a Saturday night, you hear me?)
  • Hire a coach. If you’re been broke for 40 years (or in your case, single for longer than you can remember and dating losers that make you want to become a nun), your ‘plan’ obviously isn’t working. 
  • Your fears are your compass – if it scares you, do it! (I always say that your desires are your compass towards your greatest life ever! But she brings up a good point. In order to grow you have to stretch yourself beyond your present comfort zone. Only THEN will you experience something that is radically different than what you are living right now)
  • Don’t ‘shrink yourself’ to appease someone else. Never stop growing into who you’re meant to be. 
  • You have to have a healthy relationship with money for it to stick around. (Or in the case of love, you HAVE to have a healthy relationship of LOVING yourself before you can ever expect someone else to love you and stick around and treat ya good!)
  • Own your worth. aka Love yo’self. 


Looking to learn how to LOVE YO’SELF so you attract in the LOVE of your life?! It’s exactly what I teach in my ManifestHim program.

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Real Life True LOVE Story of HOW Love for yourself Manifests the Love of your Life (#TT episode 33)

An amazing true LOVE story and how Kim manifested a man who is MORE perfect for her than she could have imagined

Kim has her own tale of heart-ache. She was engaged to a man who she thought was ‘the one’. They were madly in love with a lot of passion and everything seemed to be falling into place perfectly

or so she thought…. 

Until just weeks before their wedding day, he called it off! 


She was in so much pain, she couldn’t even drag herself off of the floor…




She asked herself this ONE THING. (minute 1:50)


And then….THIS is what she did (minute 3:00) and it was the HARDEST thing for her to do…and yet it yielded results!

Except – she was only doing these things ‘to get the guy.’ And this will NEVER get you the guy! 


Also learn: 

  • The “design your life” worksheet (minute 4:44)
  • Why ‘9 out of 10’ isn’t good enough 
  • The power of ‘gratitude’ as far as manifesting the love of your life goes 
  • The advice from Kim on HOW to actually manifest your soulmate (and it’s the other way around of what most people follow)
  • THIS is when everything falls into place in your life
  • The SECRET love letter Kim wrote (and you won’t guess to WHO!) to manifest her man


#TruthTuesdays on top of a mountain with a special guest! 

The “One Date” Rule

My client Jenny told me about the “One Date” Rule that she has. 

Essentially if she’s not feeling it, he doesn’t get a second date.


But I’m a big fan of the “Two Date” Rule! 

Give anyone the benefit of the doubt: maybe he was nervous, maybe he was preoccupied with work, maybe he knew he had garlic breath and was desperately trying to stay away from your nose!


In fact my own personal motto is:

“I’ll try anything once and twice just to make sure!” 


This is the exact reason that I have my clients break their Personal Prince Charming list into 3 separate lists! (If you haven’t filled it out yet, check out my 3 Tips to Land Prince Charming!)

1. Non Negotiables – These are things that are make or break. And also, you should know after a first date if he/she passes the test of your non-negotiables list.

2. What We Have In Common – These are shared interests like working out, biking, dancing, traveling, etc

3. Icing on the Cake – These are the superficial items like “tall, dark and handsome.”


So many women are looking over amazing men because they don’t fit EVERYTHING on their Prince Charming list.

Says Trish: “But he’s not a Jewish banker who lives in Manhattan!! How could he possibly be The One?”

You gotta open your mind to what “the one” could be, girl!


When let’s be real, if he met all the non-negotiables and had 90% shared interests but wasn’t 6’2″ and was balding, would you really care?

But when you look at the ‘icing on the cake’ first….. you are missing out.


So – don’t be like Jenny and subscribe to the one-date rule. Because you will be missing out on a world of potential! 

Open your mind to the potential of meeting new people and having fun with them!


Instead, why not adopt the motto that another client, S. told me is now her personal motto:


“I look at first dates as practice! I love meeting new people so I just approach the first date as fun.”

And all that being said, I also have created a different “One Date” rule which is this: 

Any person who gets the courage to ask you out deserves a date! You can spare 30 minutes over a cup of coffee, can’t you?

When I first met my guy, I was totally NOT interested at all. And If I had said “NO” to him asking for my phone number because he didn’t appear like ‘my type’ at first glance….


Well, I wouldn’t be here today over 2 years later, would I!?

So – let’s recap shall we?


1. Give EVERY person who gets up the courage to ask you out the opportunity to get to know you better. (If I hadn’t of done that…well I would NOT be with my man today!)

2. Unless he’s absolutely a horrible serial killer, give every date a second date chance. Some people are just scared or awkward on the first date.


The Eff-Yea! Vibration (truth tuesdays Ep 21)

This video got some HUGE traction when I went live in Facebook a couple weeks back. 

The fact is – keeping the ‘EFF-YEA!’ vibration is also really important if you want to create the life of your dreams and the love of your life. 

Which is why so many men and women who resonated with my message shared the video and it practically went viral.

And I’m sharing it with you now. Because, guess what? 

FUCK YEA is going to be your new favorite catch-phrase. 

Watch and find out WHY it’s so important. 

(I’m pretty sure it goes without saying, but I drop the F-bomb quite a few times in this video.)


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#TruthTuesdays Ep 19

Looking for a good man who worships the ground you walk on and treats you like a queen?

Would you be THRILLED to be with a man who actually cares about hearing your feelings and emotions and not only that, he wants you to FEEL GOOD as much as possible? 

Do you want a strong man who can handle your instability at times, your crazy emotions and all the wildness that makes a woman a woman?! 

You do!? 


You are in the right place if you want to learn how to attract to you a man who treats you like a Queen!

Do you have any experience with a man who treats you like a queen and how did you attract him in? 

Or do you have any questions on the topic? Leave them below!!

Move past your blocks and fears getting in your way to love! (#truth tuesdays episode 16)

Do you WANT an amazing partnership but just can’t seem to BELIEVE it because you’ve been hurt in the past?


Do you want to learn how to finally BELIEVE in your greatness when it comes to love? 


Do you want to finally stop self-sabotaging yourself and your dating efforts and learn to love yourself instead?

In today’s episode of #truthtuesdays you’ll discover…

•Everything you need to know to apply to change your limiting beliefs and fears that are getting in your way of true love

•The key to attracting the kind of person who will actually be the right partner for you, so you can save time over-investing in the wrong people

•The key to quickly and easily releasing the obstacles and limiting beliefs, such as feeling emotionally attached or unresolved about past lovers and heartache (without the need for a lot of processing!) that have been energetically blocking you from moving on

•The important shift you must make to magnetize your soulmate so that you can draw your beloved to you and have them recognize you as “the one” when you meet

•The secret key that you must use to ensure this works for you if you’ve felt hopeless in the past, haven’t dated in a long time, or are in a relationship where you’d mark your status as “it’s complicated”


Don’t be led to believe that something this easy can’t possibly be the reason you find love in 2017!


In fact, it’s the exact opposite. It was not hard to find love. In fact, being single took a whole lot more energy than being in a supportive and loving relationship. 


If you want to know my step-by-step process that I used to manifest love, sign up for my free guide – Manifest Your Soulmate in 21 Days. Proven to work!

Follow the steps in the video and comment below what your BELIEFS are!

#TruthTuesdays Ep 15 – Find True Love Using the Law of Attraction

Use the Law of Attraction to find True Love

As the year is coming to a close, it’s important to take note of all your accomplishments, what you enjoyed, what you’re proud of, and of course to CELEBRATE them all!

Because here’s the secret to the Law of Attraction…

What you focus upon will be drawn to you!

And so if you’re looking to attract love into your life, it’s very important to put yourself in a celebratory state where you appreciate all the goodness and love that you already have!

The practice I shared with you in the video is important to follow not only on a yearly basis, but on a weekly and daily basis…

If you’re looking to consciously create the life of your dreams! 


Have any questions?

Post them below!

#TRUTHTUESDAYS Ep. 9 – Fear Versus Love, Baby. It’s always your choice!

This is my favorite Truth Tuesdays to date!


At any given moment you have two choices: 




I gave, what I thought, was a wonderful example of the road trip of life (in the video). You have where you’ve been (pain, hurt, misery, loneliness) and you have where you’re going (love, happiness, bliss, joy). 

tt-ep-9 - fear versus love

But do you turn around half way during the road trip because you’re not there yet? 


You have faith that you’ll get there.

That your GPS will continue to work and guide you in the direction of the life of your dreams.

Never give up.

Your faith MUST be strong than your fear.

Your DESIRE of where you want to be MUST be strong than the PAIN of where you’ve been. 

Do you understand me? 

Happiness is a choice. Get there. Stay there. And the life of your dreams will be naturally attracted to you!



Being alone is actually a wonderful thing if you want to partner up

Be alone…

If you’re looking for love.

be-alone-to-find-love blog by love coach emyrald sinclaire

What? How does that make sense?

Stick with me, I’m going to share exactly why being alone and giving yourself space from the dating game can actually be your greatest blessing if you’re looking for love!


1. You learn about you.

Too many women get caught up in a relationship. It’s all about HIM. It’s HIS likes and HIS life and HIS dreams. You get too caught up in the dating game and trying to PLEASE other men. To look desirable. To say certain things. To appear to be witty and clever and independent and NOT clingy. But what of that is really YOU? I’ve actually suggested to MANY of my clients who are ready to experience a deep and profound love that they take a break from dating. They take a break from looking. They STOP thinking about love and a partnership. But doesn’t that go against so many things that I teach in regards to manifestation and the law of attraction? Yes and no. To be completely honest, most women don’t know what they want. And so they are going out there blindly trying to attract in all types of men, ANY men, in order to fulfill that desire to love and be loved. But here’s what I suggest instead…. take alone time to learn about you. To figure out what you enjoy and what makes you happy. Then when you go back out into the dating world it’s from a place of ‘I am me. Hear me roar! Oh yeah, and this is what I want in a man.” You go out there with such clarity with what you want because you know first what makes you tick. And what lights your heart up with joy! I guarantee, then you’ll meet a high quality man who is super aligned with you and your desires! 

2. You recharge your batteries!

Having time and space for you and your interests and your desires fills your heart up with joy! Instead of duty dating because you’re inspired and ready to meet the one….stay at home and do what you enjoy: watch a movie, read a book, write poetry, walk the dog, go to a yoga class, schedule a massage. Yes, you do have to put yourself out there in order to actually meet men, BUT, at the same time the happier you are, the more ‘FULL’ you are…you’ll be able to come from a space of actually being able to GIVE in the relationship!

3. You get what you give.

When you learn to nourish yourself….and put yourself first…and cherish your feelings first…. you’ll attract in a man, friends, a partner, a boss, a kitten, etc to do the same! You have to BE the energy you want to attract. And if you don’t love yourself FIRST before a man, you are NOT going to meet a man who puts you first. This is really important so let me say it again:  You have to put your feelings first in order to attract in a high quality man who will do the same.

4. You shift your focus.

When you go out to the world with a focus of: “I want. I need. I desire. I’m ready. Hello, universe, WHERE IS MY MAN?????!,” IT DOESN’T HAPPEN. Why? Quite simply because you’re putting the energy out there of lack. The energy that you don’t yet have it because you still desire it! Instead, when you sit back and shift your focus on loving yourself, you’re putting the energy out of being completely content with where you are. And not only that, you’re putting out extreme confidence that what you desire is on it’s way to you. By shifting your focus away from the desire and neediness and clinginess of a relationship towards YOURSELF and loving yourself and feeling completely content and happy with where you are and what you are doing NOW, you are sending the very important message to the universe that you already have everything that you need. And that is when the love of your life will appear. When you’re completely content with your life as it is. When you are completely in love with the awesomeness that you are.

5. You can’t give what you don’t have.

This point pulls them all together. And when you’re alone here is what you get:

  • an appreciation for who you are, and the ability to respond to your own BS thoughts and limiting beliefs and unravel where they came from and how they are getting in the way. And by appreciating your uniqueness, you are able to lovingly appreciate the partner that you are with.
  • a life filled with activities that you enjoy doing! And a partner who either enjoys similar activities or understands the beauty and health behind filled his life with what he enjoys, regardless of if they match his partner or not! And when you are filling your life with activities that give you joy and so is your partner…guess what? You’re both happy!
  • a deep love for your own feelings. And when you love yourself for who you are and all the diverse and deep feelings that you have, you’ll absolutely attract in a strong man who can appreciate and understand and handle your strong feelings. And as women, we have feelings that run deep. And shallow men cannot handle that. They want us to change/control our feelings to make them feel better. Instead, cherish your feelings. Honor your feelings. Love and respect your feelings and I guarantee you’ll attract in a man who revels in the beauty of your deep current of emotion.
  • confidence. When you can not only handle being alone but love and appreciate being by yourself, your own levels of confidence will soar! And there is nothing sexier than a confident woman who doesn’t NEED a man, and who is sure of herself and her wants. When you talk to men from a place of self-love and self-confidence, you’ll start to attract in some super high-quality men who also love themselves and are condiment in their purpose and place in life. And isn’t that the type of man you really want?? 

Girl, being alone is not a bad thing.


Take a break from the dating game and learn to love and appreciate yourself first.

#DATEYOURSELF first and then you’ll attract in such a high quality man that is aligned with who you are that you’ll wonder why you ever settled for anything less!

And if you want to learn the exact 7 steps that I used to attract in my own Personal Prince Charming, join us for  a FREE challenge starting next Monday!


#TRUTHTUESDAYS Ep. 5 – The #1 tool to manifest the love of your life

Are you a single lady who is tired and frustrated with being alone?

Are you ready to learn the #1 tool that I used on a daily basis in order to attract in my own personal prince charming? 


It can be confusing with all the dating books out there filled with:

  • how-to land the guy of your dreams
  • what not-to-d0 on the first date
  • how to get any guy to ask you out!

You know, stuff like that.

Instead, allow me to show you the stuff that actually works.

The exact tool I used every single day for four weeks…

Until I attracted in the one!

Now, I’m using the SAME tool for my business, career and finances.

And so far…..so great!

[Don’t worry, you’ll be the first one to know when I make my first million 🙂 ]

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