How I almost RUINED my relationship with my guy and the two steps I took to break free from fear!

I help women manifest their soulmates. Their partner. Their love. Their other half. Call it what you will… And I wish I could tell you that the work stopped there. Step 1. Learn to love yourself.  Step 2. Attract in your reciprocal.  Step 3. Happily ever after.  Um…no. That’s not how it works. Using the…

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3 Practices That Attracted my Devoted Partner

Are you looking to attract a lover that is devoted to you? Are you looking for a deep, strong unwavering connection with your partner? Are you looking to heal your wounds and put yourself on the path to attracting the type of love you know in your heart you deserve? Then read on, girlfriend, because…

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7 Simple Ways to appear more attractive without going on a diet, getting a haircut or buying new clothes

When I was younger, I was a bit of an ugly duckling. At least, that’s what I thought. I didn’t have a huge amount of confidence; I didn’t go on many dates; The popular (aka cute) guys weren’t attracted to me. Times were rough. Luckily, I’ve gotten through that phase and have learned a couple…

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