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Real Life True LOVE Story of HOW Love for yourself Manifests the Love of your Life (#TT episode 33)

An amazing true LOVE story and how Kim manifested a man who is MORE perfect for her than she could have imagined

Kim has her own tale of heart-ache. She was engaged to a man who she thought was ‘the one’. They were madly in love with a lot of passion and everything seemed to be falling into place perfectly

or so she thought…. 

Until just weeks before their wedding day, he called it off! 


She was in so much pain, she couldn’t even drag herself off of the floor…




She asked herself this ONE THING. (minute 1:50)


And then….THIS is what she did (minute 3:00) and it was the HARDEST thing for her to do…and yet it yielded results!

Except – she was only doing these things ‘to get the guy.’ And this will NEVER get you the guy! 


Also learn: 

  • The “design your life” worksheet (minute 4:44)
  • Why ‘9 out of 10’ isn’t good enough 
  • The power of ‘gratitude’ as far as manifesting the love of your life goes 
  • The advice from Kim on HOW to actually manifest your soulmate (and it’s the other way around of what most people follow)
  • THIS is when everything falls into place in your life
  • The SECRET love letter Kim wrote (and you won’t guess to WHO!) to manifest her man


#TruthTuesdays on top of a mountain with a special guest! 

How to spot a cheating man and how to forgive a cheater (#truthtuesdays Ep 32)





Let’s be real – it sucks. 


Cheating hurts no matter who did it or who it was done to. 


It’s a violation of trust. 


And it definitely shows that the person is unavailable for love. 


So how do you spot a cheating man or woman? 


Versus how do you spot the faithful type?! 


Today – I teach you (with the help of some visual aids) how to spot those red flags and RUN versus when to  proceed full-steam ahead!!


Plus as a little bonus, I give you the FOUR F’s….


How to actually FORGIVE a cheater and move the EFF on!!

For anyone who is single and actively looking for love and would actually be super pumped to STOP searching for love and actually MANIFEST love this year…. then “Attract the One” is for you! It’s my PREMIER program for singles looking to attract love within 8 weeks!



Why MANifesting a high quality partner is hard (Truth Tuesdays Ep. 31)


You know what you want…


An amazing partnership with a man or woman who loves you and respects you…

and let’s be real…the sex is ah-maze-ZING!!  🙂


So – why don’t you have what you want? 


Because there is one little (OK HUGE) thing getting in your way. 


In today’s episode of #TruthTuesdays, I give it to you straight with a side of sassy!


Why MAN-ifesting a good man is so gosh darn difficult! 


And the proven 3 step process (that I refer to as the ‘three c’s’) to SHIFT your beliefs and manifestation process so that you actually CAN manifest true love. 


Watch and learn and be prepared to be blown away at what you learn, my dear!



Psst….hey you!


Yes, you.


The one still reading because you LOVED the video and you’re hoping for some MORE secrets to love and manifestation. 
If you are READY to cut through the BS excuses…


If you are READY for a loving and cherishing partner…


If you’d like to STOP the patterns of lame-ass dudes in your life…


If you’d like to stop being SCARED that you’ll be alone forever…


Then quite honestly, we need to talk. 


I have the solution for you. 


Click here to find out what it is, love. 




The “One Date” Rule

My client Jenny told me about the “One Date” Rule that she has. 

Essentially if she’s not feeling it, he doesn’t get a second date.


But I’m a big fan of the “Two Date” Rule! 

Give anyone the benefit of the doubt: maybe he was nervous, maybe he was preoccupied with work, maybe he knew he had garlic breath and was desperately trying to stay away from your nose!


In fact my own personal motto is:

“I’ll try anything once and twice just to make sure!” 


This is the exact reason that I have my clients break their Personal Prince Charming list into 3 separate lists! (If you haven’t filled it out yet, check out my 3 Tips to Land Prince Charming!)

1. Non Negotiables – These are things that are make or break. And also, you should know after a first date if he/she passes the test of your non-negotiables list.

2. What We Have In Common – These are shared interests like working out, biking, dancing, traveling, etc

3. Icing on the Cake – These are the superficial items like “tall, dark and handsome.”


So many women are looking over amazing men because they don’t fit EVERYTHING on their Prince Charming list.

Says Trish: “But he’s not a Jewish banker who lives in Manhattan!! How could he possibly be The One?”

You gotta open your mind to what “the one” could be, girl!


When let’s be real, if he met all the non-negotiables and had 90% shared interests but wasn’t 6’2″ and was balding, would you really care?

But when you look at the ‘icing on the cake’ first….. you are missing out.


So – don’t be like Jenny and subscribe to the one-date rule. Because you will be missing out on a world of potential! 

Open your mind to the potential of meeting new people and having fun with them!


Instead, why not adopt the motto that another client, S. told me is now her personal motto:


“I look at first dates as practice! I love meeting new people so I just approach the first date as fun.”

And all that being said, I also have created a different “One Date” rule which is this: 

Any person who gets the courage to ask you out deserves a date! You can spare 30 minutes over a cup of coffee, can’t you?

When I first met my guy, I was totally NOT interested at all. And If I had said “NO” to him asking for my phone number because he didn’t appear like ‘my type’ at first glance….


Well, I wouldn’t be here today over 2 years later, would I!?

So – let’s recap shall we?


1. Give EVERY person who gets up the courage to ask you out the opportunity to get to know you better. (If I hadn’t of done that…well I would NOT be with my man today!)

2. Unless he’s absolutely a horrible serial killer, give every date a second date chance. Some people are just scared or awkward on the first date.


THIS is what my man did to attract me in you’re probably not going to guess it! (truth tuesdays ep 30)

If you’re a woman looking for a spiritual man, I have great news for you! 

Your man is also doing the work to ATTRACT YOU IN!

This weekend my man and I were talking about the start of our relationship and he shared with me EXACTLY what he did weeks before he met me. 


And obviously it worked! 

If you’re a man and want to learn what it is he did…watch below! 

If you’re a woman looking for social proof that there are spiritual men out there doing the work to attract in their perfect match…watch below! 


And I’m sure it goes without saying…then YOU have to do the work to attract THE ONE to you!!

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Learn EXACTLY what you need to do every single day to put yourself in the position to meet the love of your life! It’s a simple 7 step process to put into action every single day in order to manifest the love of your life. 

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The Basic 3 Step Flirting Technique that ANYONE can master!

“I’m horrible at flirting!” said my client Nicki. 

Would you like to learn a simple 3 step process for flirting that will have the opposite sex approaching YOU and asking for your number? 


One – Establish Your Target and Make Quick Eye Contact Three Times 

Or in other words: Who you think is super fine in the room that you would LOVE to be making out with one day.


Two – Find a Reason to Walk Past Your Contact 

Bathroom break? Smoke Break? Someone nearby that you recognize? It doesn’t matter the reason, walk by your target and make eye contact and MAINTAIN eye contact.


Three – Keep Making Eye Contact and Smile at Him/Her As You Walk By

And that’s it!

Really, it’s that simple.


If he/she is interested, they will find a reason to come up to you and talk to you. 

You’ve just made it clear that you’re interested!



And here’s a tip about men: They are just as scared of rejection as you are, lady! 

So make it clear that you won’t say “NO” if they approach you and you’ll have that many MORE men ask you out!

Good luck and comment below how it goes for ya!


For those of you looking for more personalized ways to get the guy, sign up for a FREE Single to Soulmate call! 

It’s a FREE 20 minute call. You tell me what’s going on in your dating life and I’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong. 🙂


3 Daily Action Steps to Take to Attract in THE ONE (#truthtuesdays ep 29)

“What do I need to do NOW to manifest Prince Charming?”


Asked a woman in my Facebook group.


I get it – You want your lover and you want him now!!


So, I want to share with you the exact 3 steps you can implement today (and every day from here on out) to raise your vibration and attract your man to you!!!


Watch the video and learn what you need to do NOW to manifest Prince Charming. 



Want more!? Sign up for my powerful 7 part Attraction Course –

Attract the One!

How to Forgive your Ex and Why this Helps you ATTRACT Love (truth tuesdays ep 28)

Do you find it hard to forgive your ex? 

Do you still harbor resentment towards a past (or current) lover who has betrayed your trust? 

I hate to be the one to tell you so bluntly but you HAVE to let that go if you are going to actually be in a healthy and happy long-term relationship with the love of your life!!

Stick with me here, in the short video below I show you EXACTLY how to forgive someone who has betrayed your trust so that you can create space for a truly fulfilling relationship that gives you everything your heart craves for! 

Such as: safety, security, trust, happiness, love, desire, and fulfillment!


How to Forgive Someone Who Has Betrayed You


Looking to reconnect on a  deeper level with your significant other?

Join the Relationship Reconnection! A FREE 3 part series designed to help you deepen your connection with your partner, increase the intimacy between the two of you, and bring love to the forefront of your relationship again.

5 Ways a Love Coach helps Y-O-U to find love

Are you looking for the ‘secret’ to a life filled with love, happiness and romance?! 

And yet, are you even a little bit apprehensive that true love exists, given the current divorce rates? 

Do you believe in the power of a positive example that can guide you and lead by example? 

Stick with me…. and allow me to answer your concerns, my dear.


I’ve had numerous people ask me what a love coach is. 

And it’s quite possible that before you ‘met’ me, you’d never heard of a love coach before!

In fact, I even had one older gentleman laugh out loud when I told him what I did! (upon further questioning, he said he laughed because he’d never heard of that as a profession before)

Quite simply, a love coach helps you to find love. 


But most women have it backwards. I’ll admit it, I had backwards for years, too!


They think that once they get the guy, THEN they’ll feel loved and adored and cherished. 


Am I right?! 

But here’s what I teach and this is why it works.





This is the exact opposite of what most women do. And honestly, why do you think over 50% of marriages end in divorce?
It’s because people are looking outside of themselves for love and validation. They are looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right to complete them, to save them, to fix them.
And that is the fasted way to D-I-V-O-R-C-E if I’ve ever heard one!

So, looking to know why a Love Coach could be exactly what you’re looking for in order to have a life filled with love and admiration and cherishing?! 

Of course you do!


One. Point out the blocks right in front of your eyes 


Have you ever misplaced something and spent hours looking for it? You turned all the drawers inside out, you checked your car at least 10 times and you went through all the pockets of your jeans? And then a friend/boyfriend/boss/mother walks into the room and immediately sees what you’ve been searching for?!


Of course you have!


We’ve all been there.


Have you heard the expression: “Not being able to see the forrest for the trees”?


It means that when you’re in the thick of it, it can be very hard to see the bigger picture.


Because a love coach has worked with tens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of clients, she has a pretty good idea of common blocks and limiting beliefs.


In fact, usually after the first consultation with a new client, I can tell them exactly what their biggest block to love is. 


Similar to how an athletic coach is going to be able to point out something wrong in your stance or your swing, a love coach is going to see quite clearly (from an outsiders point of view) what it is that you’re doing wrong.


Get it?


Trust your love coach.


She knows what she’s talking about. She’s unbiased and simply sees things that you cannot because you’ve lived with yourself and your quirks your entire life.


Two. You just hired your own personal cheerleader….go, team go! 


A love coach is your own personal cheerleader cheering you on to success! Where else in your life do you have someone who is 150% committed to your success and to finding an ideal partner?

Girlfriends are great, but let’s be honest here. Sometimes girlfriends don’t have all the time in the world to listen to your sob story.

Or – sometimes girlfriends don’t give the greatest advice: “You should totally sleep with him. He’s hot!”

And even though your mother loves you, she’s not qualified to give unbiased love advice. Most mothers don’t want their children to experience pain or hurt. So her advice is going to be based on how to protect you.

When you hire a love coach, you get someone that is going to boost up your self-esteem always. You get someone who is there to help you through thick and thin. A person who will NOT let you wallow in your sadness. A person who will NOT let you make excuses as to why you’re alone and allow you to live with them.

Oh no.

A love coach KNOWS that you are 100% meant for legendary love. And she is going to remind you of your awesomeness and your dreams of a love story to remember….




Sound good?!


Three. She leads by example


There’s an old saying that says “you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” 


So who are you hanging out with? 


  • Other single women who are also struggling to find romance?
  • Married couples who fight all the time?
  • A single mom who struggles to make ends meet?

These are extreme examples but the point I’m trying to make is this:


I’m going to show up 150% as the highest vibe person I can be. Not only for myself but for YOU, my dear client. 


Every single thing I teach, I’ve done.


Every single exercise, worksheet, meditation, writing exercise I have done 100s of times. No exaggeration.


I teach the practices that have worked for me.


So trust that I understand what you’re going through. And that I also have the exact tools necessary to get you to where you want to be.


Four. Mess to Success… I’ve been there! 


Similar to the point above….girl. I’ve been through it all in regards to love. I can look at my younger self and lovingly say: “what an idiot!” 


But I also know it was for a reason.

The more challenging our struggle is….

The harder the journey is…

The more people I can connect with and the greater the triumph will be!


Every good love story has some type of challenge, a battle, a journey to true love. 

I have one, too.


And as a result, I’ve accumulated a life-time of skills and tools that have worked for me and countless others!


It’s inspiring to know that your coach once had her own limiting beliefs and thought she wasn’t ‘good enough for love’ and despite those thoughts, she fought through it all until coming out on top!

If I can do it, so can you!


Five. Accountability Partner


This one is truly the most important way a love coach can help you find love.

It’s one thing to read books.


It’s another thing to write down goals.


But if you don’t actually TAKE ACTION on your dreams and desires, nothing will happen! 


You can fantasize and dream all day in your PJs on the couch…


But if you don’t actually leave the house, how do you expect to meet Prince Charming?! 


A love coach helps you to set achievable and realistic goals and then holds your little buns to the fire to ensure you accomplish what you set out to do.
And if ‘true love’ is the goal, allow me to give you a loving smack on the ass to ensure you accomplish that goal! 


Are you ready to find love? 

Sign up for a time to chat and we’ll discuss your goals around the love life you crave and get you started down the path towards Happily Ever After!

Knowing when it’s time to say “good-bye” to your partner (Truth Tuesdays Ep 27)

How do you know when it’s the time to lovingly say goodbye to the person you are with…..

Versus continuing to work at it? 

This is NOT an easy question to ask yourself and it’s even harder to say good bye to the man (or woman) that you love. 

But sometimes it’s not in the highest good for either of you to continue to stay together. 


Watch and find out if you should stay….or if you should go….!

I give you 3 tools to discern if it’s time to let go or if it’s time to roll up your sleeves and continue to put effort into your relationship. 

Comments? Post them below!!

When to Let Go of Your Partner- Truth Tuesdays with Love Coach Emyrald Sinclaire